PoolWarden Pool Chemical Control System (Commercial)

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Product Details
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The PoolWarden is a water chemistry control system with capabilities to control the pH, sanitizer and temperature on up to two bodies of water at the same time. Using ORP (oxidation reduction potential) technology, the control of sanitizer takes into account the effects of pH and a pH lockout feature is also included for high pH values. Includes for each pool a pH and ORP relay supplying the input voltage when on and 2 auxiliary dry contact relays that can be used to control a heater and a backup sanitizer when the primary sanitizer is a salt system. Water measurements are taken continuously while PoolWarden's internal relay programing determines if chemical adjustments are needed. Energy management is supported by providing two setpoints per day for heater control, let the temperature of a spa drop after hours which will lower the energy usage and help to keep unauthorized after hour access.

  • Proportional feed for more precise control
  • Easy to use 16 button keypad, 40 character backlit display
  • Programmable setpoints, mixing times and on delay
  • Manual control on and off modes
  • Langlier saturation index and pH adjustment
  • Measurement entry: pH, PPM, hardness, cyanuric, and alkalinity
  • 10 security passwords, 4 levels and lockable enclosure
  • Built in time and date clock
  • Daily overfeed protection and setpoint overfeed protection
  • ORP pH lockout, ability to not have both feed at the same time
  • Data Recording, up to 8,200 records
  • 4 Switch inputs, can also be digital flow for flow rate
  • Red alarm LED on outside of enclosure
  • 2 AC and 2 dry contact relays per pool
  • Control of heaters, two temperature setpoints for each day
  • Temperature range 32 to 122 Fahrenheit
  • Auxiliary dry contact relays for chlorine backup control
  • Keeps track of the previous month’s relay run times
  • Service pin code entry tracks access
  • Support for the TrueDPD Colorimetric free chlorine sensor
  • pH (acid or base) and ORP control
  • Ability to disable ORP calibration
  • ORP Range 0 to 988 mv
  • pH Range 4.22 to 9.78
  • 110 and 220 VAC input voltage
  • ETL: 4010758 Conforms to UL STD 1563, Certified to CSA STD C22.2 No. 218.1
  • NSF-50 Equipment for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Recreational Water Facilities

PW-Plus: Option to add communication. Includes Ethernet, WIFI, support for Bluetooth printer, easy field software updates and more.

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